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20x Cash Back Points for New Players
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Written by: Dennis Conrad

Most businesses have ways of identifying and rewarding their most loyal customers and biggest spenders. Airlines have frequent flyer miles. Coffee shops have punch cards, you know, buy 10, get 1 free. Some businesses use rebates or cash discounts for increased levels of spending. Casinos are no different, but their loyalty program is called a “players club” and their reward program is based on “points.” Every point multipliers program is a little different. Let’s look at how they work!


To earn player points, also referred to as point multipliers at Barona, Players have to sign up for a “players’ club card” (at Barona, that would be a Club Barona Card) and then use that card when they are playing. At slot machines, that means putting the card into the designated feature on each machine, and points will then pile up automatically, based on the amount of each bet and how many of those bets a player makes. If you’re playing Table Games at Barona, simply hand your card in to the Dealer when you begin play. They’ll alert the Supervisor to open your rating. Once your rating is open, the points will increment up based on your bet amount, and your time played.

Players earning points can then typically redeem those points for a variety of things, which often includes free food and rooms, free bets (“free play”), or straight cash back to the Player. Casinos decide how many points per dollar bet a Player earns and how many points are needed by the Player to redeem for whatever benefit they want. Getting more points per dollar bet is normally a good thing for the player, as is having to use fewer of them to redeem for any given benefit.


Casinos love new players. It gives them an opportunity to attract and impress new casino goers and is a key to growing their business. That’s why most casinos have promotions around getting new members for their players clubs. Some will offer free gifts (pens, playing cards, T-shirts, etc.). Some will give ANYONE 10 or 20 bucks just for signing up. 

Casinos can offer “point multipliers” at various times for a few reasons. They might want to attract new Players with a generous “point deal.” They might want to reward their existing best Players with extra points. They might want to turn a normally slow time into a busy time by adding point multipliers for several hours in a day. Stuff like that. 

But hardly any casino offers new players extreme extra points just for playing. Except Barona. It offers its new players 20 TIMES THE NORMAL RATE OF CASH BACK POINTS FROM THE TIME YOU SIGN UP UNTIL MIDNIGHT THE FOLLOWING DAY! Barona uses point multipliers more for its Players when compared to any casino in the world.


At Barona, players earn points every time they make a bet – on slot, keno, and table games. The more you bet, the more points you get. AND YOU GET THE SAME NUMBER OF POINTS WHETHER YOU WIN OR LOSE ANY OF THOSE BETS. Hit a big bet, earn big points. Lose that bet, still get big points.

But Barona uses point multipliers because it knows Players love them and it is part of Barona’s DNA as “The Point Multiplier Capital of the World®.” Barona gives extra CASH BACK POINTS when it rains. Whenever the temperature hits 95 degrees at Barona. On special days like Mother’s Day and Veterans Day. And especially to welcome new players into the Barona Family. It is no wonder Barona was just voted the Best Casino in San Diego for the 9th year in a row in San Diego’s Best Union-Tribune’s Readers’ Poll. Or that Barona recently won “Best Casino Outside of Las Vegas” by USA TODAY in the 2019 10Best readers’ poll. Not just because of 20X CASH BACK POINTS, but hey, it didn’t hurt!


If you are a Player new to San Diego and Barona, just visiting for a few days, or haven’t been to Barona for over a year, you need to come to Barona and sign up for a Club Barona Card. Just begin any rated play at any slot or table game and earn those CASH BACK POINTS at 20X THE NORMAL RATE. It takes very little for a Player to earn $1 in CASH BACK POINTS (typically several minutes), but now you’ll earn $20 for the same amount of money. 

No toasters, no serving dishes at Barona. Just lots of CASH BACK POINTS for the players that like to play. Only at Barona, The Happiest Casino on Earth!® You’ll have to come visit and start earning your point multipliers.

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Why Honest is Tricky for Most Casinos
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In this edition of the players guide by Dennis Conrad, I’m going to talk about the importance of a casino’s values and mission statement. When looking for the best casino, you might be drawn to flashy slot machines, mega jackpots, and free perks. While all these things are important, a casino’s mission statement and values might matter even more. 


Most people think of Vegas when they think of finding the best casino, but in reality this is far from the truth! In fact, Vegas will nickel and dime you for all you’re worth and you might walk away feeling even more unlucky than when you stepped foot into Sin City. 

With all that said, how is someone supposed to find the best casino? Here are a few tips:

  • Check out the casino voted for having the loosest slots!
  • Find the best casino for your favorite game. If you’re a blackjack player, look for a casino that has blackjack rules that benefit the player, not the dealer. 
  • Take a look at their values and mission statement. These will tell you a lot about the casino and the people that run it.


There’s more to a casino than just their jackpots and prizes. At the core of everything is a casino’s mission statement and the best casino honors these values to a T. You’ll see their mission statement reflected in their perks, prizes, customer service, amenities, and more.


Barona’s stated mission is “to deliver a remarkable experience to our players.” They accomplish this with what they call “Wrap Around Service.” Barona has further simplified this message by creating its “3 Pillars.” You may have seen them throughout Barona, you’ll even find them on the Barona wet naps! And those three pillars are only three words:


Now most casinos have some fancy mission statement about being clean, and polite or friendly (even if their restrooms are often a mess and their employees don’t smile much). But Barona is the only casino in the world that I have seen use the word “honest.”

“Honest” is tricky for casinos. Many players already think casinos have tightened their slots or have some guy in a back room with his foot on a pedal who pushes it when they are winning. They think “the same people” always win the cash drawings. They believe the pit boss changes the cards at the blackjack table because players are winning. Yes, “honest” can be a challenge for a casino, so when one of them uses the word to describe itself, it damn well better mean it!

Yes, Barona takes HONEST seriously. No kidding. And here’s some everyday examples of Barona Honesty. You’ll never find any gimmicks buried in the fine print at Barona.


A mission statement is only as good as the actions behind it. To really be the best casino, you have to show this mission statement in action. The proof is in the pudding, folks!

Here are some ways Barona acts out their mission and values every day:


When some casinos do cash giveaway promotions, they might say win “UP TO” $1 Million. That usually means NO ONE will win a million bucks. But when Barona has a $1 Million Cash Giveaway, they give away every penny of it. In fact, in its October $1,000,000 Cash Giveaway, Barona actually gave away $1,050,000. Now that’s more than honest!


Many casinos have car giveaways. Most players who win the cars prefer cash. So those casinos often offer them a “Cash Option” instead of the car, which is usually only about 50% of the car’s retail value. What??!! When Barona does a Car Giveaway, they not only offer a Cash Option at 100% of the car’s value, but they will also pay any sales tax or title/licensing fees for the winner. Now that’s an honest car giveaway!


Only Barona has The Party People. This is a unique group of funmeisters whose job is, dare I say, to give away money and create fun for players. And this wouldn’t work if the Party People were cheap, or not honest. So when the Party People select a player to play and win at Barona Dice or Pop A Balloon, or Blinko on the casino floor, the player will be selected randomly and could be a Diamond, Platinum, Gold or Classic player. If a player goes into the Barona Money Machine, the amount of cash they grab and get to keep will be rounded UP to the nearest $20 amount. And it is very honest of the Party People to let the selected Money Machine player have a substitute, if that player has a disability, is fearful, or just has a nephew nearby with big hands!


If you’ve stayed in a casino hotel in the last few years, you have been nicked with those dreaded “resort fees,” you know, where you have to pay for things at the hotel that used to be free or that you are never going to use anyway ($50 a night at some Las Vegas hotels now). Doesn’t seem very honest, does it? Well, at Barona there are NEVER any hotel resort fees, which means that the price of the room is the price of the room. Exactly as it should be. Honestly.


It just doesn’t seem honest to go to an ATM and PAY to get your own money from your own bank account. Yet almost every casino charges ATM fees for its players trying to get a little cash. Heck in Las Vegas, I saw several casinos charge $9.99 per transaction, ripoff! Well at Barona, there are no ATM fees at ANY of their ATMs. Another HONEST example.


Is it honest that players that may want a little extra help getting around the casino should have to pay extra? NO! That’s why Barona never charges to use its scooters and they have 100 of them! See if you can find that at any other casino. Honestly.


For any casino, it is critically important to be honest with its players. Astoundingly, most fall short in that regard. If a Barona Diamond player doesn’t golf and can’t take advantage of the free golf privilege at Barona Creek Golf Course, your spouse or partner can use it if they golf. If a great new player is playing on the casino floor right now, Barona won’t make you wait 6 months to “prove you are worthy.” They could “uptier” you to Diamond or Platinum status right away. And it’s only honest that players who spend more should get more, so you’ll see Barona Diamond and Platinum players get to spend extra seconds in the Money Machine, have their own special Point Multiplier and Cash Drawing days and probably receive an occasional extra “Lucky Twenty” from cash-handing Barona Casino Managers. And Diamond players receive two free buffets EVERY DAY for as long as they have Diamond status. That’s why VIPs love Barona, not only for its amazing staff but for its honesty.

I’ve played in and worked with hundreds of casinos and know how important it is for a casino to take care of its people. Next time you’re searching for the best casino to play at, take a good, hard look at their mission statement and what they’re doing to show this mission every day. I know Barona does.

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Leading Gaming Industry Expert Shares Why Barona is Best
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Hello, I’m Dennis Conrad, a semi-retired international casino consultant, and like many of you, a casino gambler.  I’ve worked with, and wagered with, hundreds of casinos around the world. I’ve won, I’ve lost, been comped by every type of casino, won tournaments, entered countless casino promotions, stayed in both the most basic and most luxurious casino hotel rooms, and eaten more steak and lobster than a human being should.


I graduated from Stanford University in 1974 and almost immediately went to work in the casino business, and no, my parents weren’t too happy about that at the time.  I started as a keno writer in Laughlin, NV, then became a bartender, followed by being a dealer in Jackpot and North Lake Tahoe, NV and finally a craps dealer on the Las Vegas Strip.  Those were the days of playing golf in the morning, working at night, and having a couple of drinks and a little gambling after work. It’s also when I got my keen appreciation for casino frontline Staff and what it takes to make a memorable experience for Players.


I’ve had a strange path to becoming a casino executive and might never have become one had I not taken a chance on an experimental table game position at the time called “Captain Casino” (I’m not kidding about this).  My job? Teach new Players how to play the various table games and the best part was that I was now on stage. I had found my calling as a promoter and marketer!

From Captain Casino, my career progression was pretty rapid.  I became Table Games Promotion Supervisor then a Casino Marketing Director.  I took a corporate job as a casino institute director, charged with teaching “newbie” executives what the gambling business was all about.  I became a Corporate Vice President of Employee Programs, reporting to the CEO. These were pretty heady times and I learned to think strategically and understand even more that it was all about Players and Staff if you wanted to be successful.


After over 20 years of working for some of the major casino companies, I decided to start my own company, with the desire to help casinos be better through straight talk, honest advice and a keen focus on the Player and Staff Experience.  Raving Consulting was born and the word “Raving” was no accident. I had always felt the goal of a casino was not to make Players merely satisfied, but to leave them raving. 

As the Owner and President of Raving for over 20 years, I became known as a guy who “starts stuff.”  The Raving Team and I started and put on numerous national marketing conferences. I wrote an annual column on the Best (and Worst) Casino Promotions in the world.  We pioneered real customer service and casino host training. We created award programs to honor casinos that made a difference for Players and Staff. We partnered with the best casino consultants to provide the best solutions for casinos around the world.


From when it first opened, I knew there was something special about Barona.  I’d visit there often, bringing many other casino executives with me to see Barona’s formula of “Player Worship” in action.  I repeatedly asked Barona executives to speak at my Raving Conferences. We even created a marketing award named after Barona to honor the best marketing in Indian Gaming.  I’ve always loved Barona and I am honored they have asked me to contribute to the Players’ Guide to All Things Barona. I’m going to be sharing with you in this blog why Barona is clearly “The Best” if you’re a player who gets a flutter from gambling.  You’ll hear me talk about point multipliers, Fun Bites, Free ATM’s, Lucky 20’s, Party People, free lemonade stands, the Barona Lottery and much more.

Stay tuned!  And if you’re looking for a San Diego area casino, look no further than Barona!

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