Barona Tribe

With a long and storied history, the Barona Band of Mission Indians is always eager to share their culture and heritage, and is proud to welcome you to their land and the magnificent Barona Resort & Casino. Established in 1932, the Barona Indian Reservation is home to this regal tribe, which is recognized by the United States government as a sovereign nation, and is governed by an elected Tribal Council.

A strong and supportive community, the Barona Tribe is proud of its independence and self-reliance. The reservation features its own school, fire station, gas station, church, and community center. Tied together architecturally with the theme of a 1930’s ranch, intended to honor the founders of the Barona Indian Reservation, the Barona Resort & Casino attests to the vision, conviction, and determination of the Barona Band of Mission Indians.

In the Tribe’s continual efforts to preserve their culture, the reservation is also home to the Barona Museum, a unique hands-on educational museum. Displays of handmade pottery, reed baskets, paintings, arrowheads, and other artifacts – over 2,000 in all – date back thousands of years, and bring to life the rich culture and history of San Diego’s Native American community.

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