Come play the dozens, wager on your favorite streets, or find that lucky number and bet the straight up!!! With Barona’s Single Zero Roulette, you’ll get the best payback possible!! Come watch our dealers spin the ball, flip the cards, and payout winners. Your lucky numbers pay you more at Barona!

Barona Roulette is simple and easy to play, with a wide variety of bets and combinations. Barona Roulette features only a single zero, making the odds twice as good for the Player.

A – Straight Up (one number) Pays 35 to 1
B – Split (two numbers) Pays 17 to 1
C – Street (three numbers) Pays 11 to 1
D – Corner (four numbers) Pays 8 to 1
E – Double Street (six numbers) Pays 5 to 1
F – Section (twelve numbers) Pays 2 to 1
G – Column (twelve numbers) Pays 2 to 1
H – 1-18 or 19-36 Pays 1 to 1
I – Odd or Even Pays 1 to 1
J – Color (Red or Black)
K – Turn 3 – See Pay table below


A 37-card deck numbered 0-36 is shuffled. From this deck, three random cards are placed face down on the layout. One of these three cards will determine the winning number. The “section” the ball drops in dictates the particular card that will be revealed.


Not only can you bet the traditional wagers in Roulette, now you can bet on the Turn3, a side bet offering odds dependent on the combination of the three cards.


Zero Straight
Three cards displaying any combination of the numbers zero, one, and two.
Odds – 100 to 1

Any three number combination that can be a three card straight.
Odds – 25 to 1

All Red
Any three red numbered cards.
Odds – 3 to 1

All Black
Any three black numbered cards.
Odds – 3 to 1