Barona Craps offers all the excitement of the game you love but with a California twist. We offer 5x odds and all the same bets you’ve come to know and love, including 3x the 12 in the field! Also available are the Sharp Shooter and Fire bets. Make more points, make more money! Step up to the table to see which cards make you a winner! Come see our friendly Craps staff today!

The object of the game is to wager on the outcome of the roll, or a series of rolls, of a pair of dice. To play, a Player will roll two dice directly down the center of the Craps table, attempting to hit the far wall of the table.

The final outcome of each roll must be determined by using a set of cards that will be laid out on the table, face up, for all to see. Six cards are used to represent the six possible sides of each die. The cards are shuffled and spread into numbered boxes. When the dice land, the number on each die will determine which two cards are used to determine the outcome.

Roll to Win Barona Craps offers the same great game as Barona Craps in an exciting electronic fashion. The game begins by buying in with either cash or a voucher. Your personal wagering terminal will display your buy in as credits. Once bought in, credits can be used to make all the bets you know and love, with a few additional bets you can’t find anywhere else. To make your bet, simply select the appropriate chip value, and place it on the bet(s) of your choosing. All bets will be paid or taken electronically, so you can focus all your attention on having fun! To cash out, simply press the cash out button on your screen, and a voucher will be printed for you.

The Hot Shooter Jackpot is paid or taken based solely on the total number of rolls thrown by a shooter.

Number of rolls Odds
8 to 15 Pays Even Money
16 to 23 Pays 3 to 1
24 to 31 Pays 5 to 1
32 to 39 Pays 7 to 1
40 to 44 Pays Minor
45 to 49 Pays Major
50 or more Pays Grand

Hop Bets are one roll bets made on specific card outcomes. Hop bets are paid or taken based solely on the outcome of the cards. Hot Shooter Jackpot Number of Rolls Odds.

Hop Bets
Hard Pays 30 to 1
Easy Pays 15 to 1