If you like EZ Pai Gow, you’ll love Asia Poker. Asia Poker is played with a standard 53 card deck, including a Joker. The Joker can be used as an Ace or to complete straights and flushes. In Asia Poker, Players and the Dealer receive seven cards. The seven cards are then used to set a one card “Low” hand, a two card “Mid” hand, and a four card “High” hand. When all Players have set their hands, the Dealer’s hand will be exposed. The Dealer will then set them in the Low, Mid, and High style. Once the Dealer’s hand has been set, the showdown will begin. The Dealer will compare their Low hand to the Player’s Low hand, their Mid hand to the Player’s Mid hand, and their High hand to the Player’s High hand. Beat the Dealer on at least two of the three hands, and you WIN!
*Proprietary game and trademark used under license from SHFL entertainment, Inc.

Insurance Bet
The Insurance Bet is an optional side bet that can be made on Asia Poker. The Insurance Bet will be paid or taken based solely on the composition of the Player’s hand; there will be no showdown.

Hand Pays
Nine High 100 to 1
Ten High 40 to 1
Jack High 10 to 1
Queen High 7 to 1
King High 6 to 1
Ace High 3 to 1

Rules of the Game
• Players place a mandatory wager to begin play
• Players may also place the optional Insurance Bet at this time
• All wagers must be within specified minimums and maximums
• Once all wagers are set, the Dealer will shake the dice to select where the “Action” begins
• Card distribution begins at the Action
• All positions will receive cards, regardless if a wager has been made. Once all positions have received their
cards, the Dealer will prove the final four cards
• Once the Dealer proves the final four cards, Players will be able to pick up their hands
• Players will set their cards in the following fashion
• A one-card Low hand
• A two-card Mid hand
• A four-card High hand
• The High hand must be a higher value than the Mid hand, and the Mid hand must be a higher value than
the Low hand. If this order is not kept the hand will be considered “Foul” and the hand will lose automatically
• When all hands are set, the Dealer will expose their cards and set House Way
• Players must win at least two of the three showdowns to win