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On November 8, Californians will vote on whether to allow sports wagering in California. Please stand with Barona, and more than 50 California tribes when you vote.

YES on 26

Proposition 26 will authorize in-person sports wagering at highly-regulated tribal casinos and four licensed horse racetracks.

  • Allows tribes to offer “Vegas Style” craps and roulette at their casinos.
  • Established safeguards to ensure safe, responsible sports wagering by limiting participation to adults over 21, and requires individuals to be physically present to place bets, with ID and age verification checks to prevent underage gambling.
  • Provides tens of millions in new funding for public education, public safety, and other vital services.
  • Helps tribal self-sufficiency and protects jobs.
  • Is the only proposition on the ballot written and supported by tribes.

NO on 27

Proposition 27 was written and funded by seven out-of-state online gambling corporations.

  • Undermines tribal sovereignty and tribal gaming rights.
  • Would legalize online sports wagering – turning virtually every phone, tablet, computer, and video game console in California into a gambling device, increasing the risk of underage and problem gambling.
  • Deceptively marketed as a “solution” to homelessness – it’s simply bad public policy to fund homelessness and mental health programs by legalizing a massive expansion of online gambling that will lead to further addiction.
  • Is opposed by Barona, as well as over 50 California tribes, because it threatens Indian gaming by legalizing corporate online gaming.

For more information about these campaigns, please visit:

www.YesOn26.com and www.NoOn27.com

Stand With California Tribes 
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